When I take Jenna places, I don’t have to find a restroom for her. I change her when it’s convenient (or if I smell something which prompts me to MAKE it convenient), and I don’t have to listen to “I have to go potty” 10 seconds after we leave the house. I like that. I don’t even mind changing her diaper. It’s just the way it is. Maybe it’s easy for me to say this because she’s only (almost) 15 months old, but I think I may be a little sad when it’s time to potty train! We’re so far from that…maybe I’ll change my mind in a year. But everyone’s always saying they can’t wait until their kids are out of diapers, so I wonder if I’m the only crazy who feels this way.

So, I’m still not sleeping. This is crazy. I’ve tried everything. We even rearranged our furniture because I read that some people sleep better with their head facing North. When we went out of town, I slept though. I thought maybe it was because I take my vitamin at night. That wasn’t it. I thought it had to do with caffeine, working out, not winding down enough, temperature, or pillow thickness. Nope, none of those. It still boils down to if I take a Lunesta I sleep. If I don’t take one, I don’t sleep. I can’t just take Lunesta forever. Bleh.