Bad, bad mama. Now that Sarah’s three, I’m getting around to posting her 2 year stats. Also her 3 year. And while I’m at it, Jenna’s 5 year stats, since she won’t be 6 until April.

Sarah has always been our “petite” one. She’s average, but Jenna has always been bigger, so we call her that. For 2 years:
Weight: 25 lbs, 40%
Height: 33″, 50%
Head 48 1/2 cm, 75%.

For 3 years:
Weight: 31.2 lbs, 50%
Height: 36 3/4

We started going to a new pedia, and they don’t do head circumference, or maybe they stop doing that at 3…I don’t remember. Her BMI is 16.8 though.

Jenna seems to go down a bit every year. She started out in the 97th % as a baby, and it keeps dropping. At her 5 year checkup:
Weight: 41 lbs, 70%
Height 41 1/2, 50%
BMI 16.7 (85%?)

This morning, we took the girls for their 6 month dental exams. They HATE the dentist, just like their mama. I don’t know why, since my hatred and irrational fear of anything related to dentistry comes from my bad experiences. They don’t have any of those yet. They did OK–we need to do a better job on Jenna’s teeth because she had too much plaque. Poor girl-her teeth are so squished together, it’s hard to get between them, and since her 6 year molars are in, they’ll get even more squished. She has lost her bottom two front teeth, so those are permanent. The dentist talked about the possibility of extraction to make room for them all, but I REALLY hope that doesn’t have to happen! We seriously would have to put Jenna under for that…and maybe me, too. Bleh.